Ed Rowe & KVH – Reflective Melody

Release Date: 05 September 2014
Category: Hip-Hop
Format: CD, Digital
Catalogue: ER0003

Symbolic of society’s flourishing consciousness, Reflective Melody represents a unified effort to grow both individually, and as a collective. Over poignant jazz infused rhythmics produced by KVH of Ukraine, Ed Rowe crafts lyrics resonating with tones of social activism, spiritual awareness, and personal accountability.

This project is a free release, so please listen, enjoy and spread the music!

All tracks written, recorded and performed by Ed Rowe, Atlanta 2014 for Essenchill Records. All tracks produced by KVH, Ukraine 2014 for Essenchill Records. All tracks mixed & mastered by Concept, New Zealand for Essenchill Records 2014. Art & design by R.Nand New Zealand. All rights reserved Essenchill Records 2014.