Ed Rowe & Concept – Essenchill (LP)

Release Date: 03 August 2013
Category: Hip-Hop
Format: CD, Digital
Catalogue: ER0001

Emerging from the haze of polluted sound waves comes a breath of fresh air: ‘Essenchill’. Amidst a chilled collective of soulful, jazzy, boom-bap rhythms, flows vitally poignant lyricism, embodying perspectives on meditation, family, and overcoming life’s obstacles. Essenchill will engage listeners of all ages and backgrounds, while still appealing to true hip-hop heads.

Essenchill Album Notes (6 page PDF) is included with each album purchase!

All tracks written & recorded by Ed Rowe, Atlanta 2013. All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Concept, Art direction by Concept & R.Nand, Auckland NZ. State of Emergency ft. StaHHr – co-written and recorded by StaHHr Atlanta 2013. Told Ya So – co-written and recorded by Sleep Sinatra, Lincoln 2013.