Concentrated Forces EP (Ed Rowe, Sleep Sinatra & Concept)
Release Date: 20th December 2014
Category: Hip-Hop
Format: CD, Digital (CD Coming soon)
Catalogue: ER0005

As the saying goes, “there’s strength in numbers”…
Concentrated Forces – the new collaboration of minds, consisting of word-smith’s Sleep Sinatra and Ed Rowe with production by Concept. This EP is a merger of sharpened lyricism and soul-sonic boom-bap meditative fusion, classic golden-era with a modern twist. A rhythmic exploration of spiritualism, wordplay & an honest refl ection on urban life.

All tracks written and recorded by Sleep Sinatra, Nebraska 2014 & Ed Rowe, Atlanta 2014. All tracks Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Concept, NZ. Design by R. Nand & Concept. Manufactured & Distributed by Essenchill Records. All Rights Reserved. Essenchill Records, 2014.