Where are you from?
My first home was Flatbush, Brooklyn (that’s where my heart it is), but I grew up in Decatur, GA (ain’t my first home, but I still got love for it).

Influences in life
My Mom for her strength.  My Dad for his charisma.  My Brother for his unwillingness to accept failure.  My sister for her selflessness.  Malcolm X for his unwavering conviction.  Allen Iverson for his toughness and heart.

What inspires you?
Freedom to be creative.  I’m most inspired while driving and showering; two places where I’m free to harmonize flows as loudly as I want, while maintaining a singular focus on flowing with the music.

What is success to you?
Living life on your own terms, and manifesting your desires, no matter how big or small.

Dream Collaboration?
Homeboy Sandman because he’s always fresh and original.  He manages to maintain the same high level of skillful lyricism while continually reinventing his style.

I’m really proud of my first album with Concept called Essenchill, but even beyond that, my biggest accomplishment is having people around the world partake in my music and be able to draw some satisfaction and inspiration from it.

Who are you feeling right now?
I’m feeling everything dropping on Essenchill Records….oh……and all the other true school Hip Hop artists out there aren’t too shabby either.

What do you have in the pipeline?
Reflective Melody ep prod. By KVH coming Fall 2014 & Untitled collab ep with Sleep Sinatra prod by Concept coming Winter 2014

Any wise words?
“Strive for something great and stake our destinies to claim/Beg to differ with cats that’s complacently the same/” – my conceited ass.